Main Metalware products

STEELCO In-Cor Metiz is specialized in manufacturing of metalware for building purposes. Our key production specialization is manufacturing of steel wire, nails and steel net (Rabitz type steel-wire and stucco wire).


Main company products:


1.   Steel wire

  • Low-carbon steel wire without covering for general purpose (GOST 3282-74)
  • Thermal threated low-carbon steel wire for general purpose (GOST 3282-74)
  • Galvanized low-carbon steel wire for general purpose (GOST3282-74)
  • ВР-1 steel wire


2.   Building nails

  • Building nails with knurled tapered (countersunk) head (GOST 4028-63)
  • Roofing felt nails
  • Galvanized rolling roofing nails (for shingle)
  • Slate nail with galvanized head (РСТ УССР 1822-89)
  • Concrete nails


3.   Wire mesh

  • Steel wire mesh (Rabitz type steel-wire)
  • Welded wire lath
  • Knitted wire lath