Main Steel nails

Nails are the most common type of fastener products. Among other metalware, nails stand apart by its versatility and utility in a variety of spheres and fields.


Our company is specialized in production of high quality building nails on a wide variety.


STEELCO In-Cor Metiz production includes:


  • Building nails with knurled tapered (countersunk) head (GOST 4028-63)
  • Roofing felt nails
  • Roofing nails (for shingle)
  • Slate nail (ST USSR 1822-89)
  • Concrete nails


Despite of constant innovations the classic nails remain to be the main fastener product in building field. This "special” product is so widely known, so it will be difficult to find a person in the whole world who would need the explanation on how, in general, the nail looks like.


The basis for up to date nail production is steel wire. The operation concept of this fastener product based on holding the joining by frictional force. Meanwhile, in a capacity of binders may be used different materials.


A variety of produced nails is very wide. Building nails, roofing felt nails, slate nails, concrete nails and other are produced regarding to the type needed (application use).


Building nails are produced in a wide diameter range of steel rod – from 1,2 till 6 mm – with regard to targeted application use. 


It is possible to buy nails in standard packing - 10 – 20 kg m cardboard packing.


Nails have a centuries-long or maybe even longer history. This is one of the first, in history, option of serious fastener products which after some transformations related to investigation of new materials stayed in our life and for sure will outlast more than one generation of super modern and super innovative alternatives. Even taking into account the fact that when people try to create something absolutely new, the authors continue to call their know-how as "nails” even when they have nothing similar (for example, "liquid nails”).

State-of-art nails can solve different tasks in building as well as in other fields. Traditionally in building industry the nails received the widest application.  If you taking care about reliability of building constructions and works, you cannot proceed without building nails.